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Jack Pride's Journal

aka TMI-Land

Jack Pride
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  • jack_pride@livejournal.com
My name is Jack. I'm queer and Canadian, hence the pride. Never been a fan of humility; something of an exhibitionist. I'm a media fen and a BDSM bottom, both of which I write about here, along with more highly flocked references to my job and RL. This livejournal is mostly flocked. Only those who have asked to remain on my Kink and RL filters have access to the majority of my posts. Fannish posts are public.

Current obsessive fandoms and pairings of choice: mostly Doctor Who (Doctor/Rose/Jack and various permutations thereof).

Less completely obsessive but not abandoned fandoms: Stargate Atlantis (Sheppard/McKay, McKay/Ronon, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon - you get the idea), CSI (Gil/Nick, Gil/Nick/Greg), Due South (Fraser/Kowalski), Alias (Jack/Vaughn), Stargate SG-1 (Jack/Daniel or team), Smallville (Clark/Lex), Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin), The Sentinel (Jim/Blair), BtVS (mostly Spike/Xander), The OC (Seth/Ryan), and likely others that I'm forgetting.

I love raspberries and kink, not necessarily together.